Some of my Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is my Order Confirmation/Tracking Number?
The emails from my store (order & shipping confirmations) may find their way into your spam or promotional/social inboxes! If you can't find them in there or have any queries feel free to contact me on emmaevangelineart@gmail.com.

Dispatching Times?

Some of my orders will take up to 14 business days to process/be delivered.
On occasions there are delays particularly due to the impacts of the pandemic. 
Thank you for being patient! 

Why are your print runs so large?

I want to make my art accessible for people! There are some artists who have print runs as low as 5 or 10 at a higher price, but I'd rather not make my artworks unaffordable. I like to be able to have artworks I can sell at my markets to anyone! :)


Do you ship internationally?

I do, please ask me for a quote and I will let you know the price! Because of the recent price hike in international shipping rates, I have disabled certain shipping regions on my website.


Should I study fine arts at uni?

I personally don’t advise young aspiring artists to go to university to study “fine arts” (unless you are wanting a job in academia or have limitless amounts of money/financial freedom). You will find that most of the lecturers have not been able to make a living out of selling their own art and thus cannot help you navigate the realm of art business.

My four closest friends who recently studied fine arts all found the critiques extremely crushing/discouraging and ended up dropping out before their final year. (I didn't get much out of the couple of fine arts papers I did during my design course and am grateful I chose to study design)

My advice is to find out what art inspires you, think about what you want your art to do for the world and the feelings you wish to impart on your viewers. Every creative human has something unique and valuable to contribute to the creative collective world! You don’t need a degree to be an exceptional fine artist and in fact these days you are likely to be better off without it. From what I’ve observed the current fine arts courses more often than not destroy the confidence of artists, without imparting vital skills and burden them with tens of thousands of $$ in debt. 

There are so many online courses that are richer in knowledge/painting and illustration techniques that you can find for far less $$$.
If you're interested in making a living as an artist I recommend checking out the Andrew Tichler Podcast - The Creative Endeavor on 
YouTube, he interviews full time artists who are thriving.. The most inspiring episodes for me have been Tahlia Stanton and Miles Johnston!