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Art by Emma Evangeline

Unalome Falls - A3 Print

Unalome Falls - A3 Print

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Unalome Falls | A3 Print on Archival Fine Art Paper
A print of my second painting incorporating this sacred symbol. I brought in more light with this composition and adorned it with kawakawa leaves.

The unalome it is both a Buddhist and a Hindu symbol which represents the path to freedom or awakening. For me the unalome is a reminder that each of us always have the capacity on some level to connect with the light (love/our purpose) in spite of adversities presented along our path. When I first saw the symbol it’s forms reminded me of a waterfall and I realised the image I was seeing in my mind fit well with the meaning of the different elements of the symbol..sometimes in life it can feel like the universe is working against us which is why it’s fitting that the current of the water is flowing downwards. The dots symbolising enlightenment are fittingly made out of light and the spiral at the base (beginning of awakening) starts in a rocky, deep pool.

Care Instructions

Avoid hanging this print on a wall where it receives all day sun as it will likely fade unless you frame with UV protective glass.

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